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FAQ + T&Cs



Have your instruments set up prior to your recording session. You want to make sure your instruments are in the best possible condition before recording. Not spending the money to set up your guitar can cost hours in studio time to work around. New strings, intonation / skins you want to use etc. If you don’t have a tech who can do it we can have it done for you - it needs to be arranged the week prior to the session, not the morning of.



It's always a good idea to record demos before recording a record. If you have the means to record a demo at home (no matter how rough) then that's something you should definitely attempt. Another option is booking a pre-production session with us where we can work on the demos together so when it comes time to record the record we are fully prepared and know the songs inside and out.



Yep, practice with a metronome. Even if you don’t think you want to record to a click, it’s good to be prepared just in case… and I’m not just talking to drummers here. Guitarists etc. should practice with a click on their own too. Don’t try and pump a click track through your rehearsal room PA though… that’s not going to help you.



PLEASE!!! Don't forget to credit your engineers / producers / mastering engineers etc. You can now add credits to streaming services but most people seem to be unaware or forget.​​


Recorded by xxx at Def Wolf Studios

Mixed by xxx at xxx Studios

Mastered by xxx at xxx Studios

Produced by xxx

If you're unsure about any of this just ask, we're happy to help.


Single day bookings or bookings by the hour require full payment to confirm booking.


For bookings longer than one day a 50% Deposit is required at time of booking to confirm sessions. 2 weeks notice is required to reschedule bookings otherwise your deposit is forfeited.  All payments are final, non refundable.


Audio can not be released until payment is made in full.


We have our pianos tuned regularly, but if you require a piano to be tuned for your session then you will be billed for the cost. Our piano tuner needs to be booked 3-4 weeks in advance.

We re-skin our drum kits regularly but if you request new skins then you will be billed for the cost.


All our gear is well maintained, however sometimes gear breaks down through general wear and tear and needs to be repaired. If gear is damaged through mis-use or negligence then you will be liable for the repair bill. The same applies to mis-use of the studio premises.

Basically, don't be a dickhead.

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