Studio Manager / Engineer / Producer

Daniel Antix began his studies in music at a young age. Before he left high school he had already completed 8th Grade Clarinet and Musicianship from the AMEB curriculum, he also was a part of the Sydney Youth Orchestra for 3 years. After High school Daniel completed his Bachelor of Music at the Australian Institute of Music, majoring in Audio Engineering.
His career started out as a hard dance producer signed to Rodriguez Publishing London (now Peermusic) and Executive Records Australia.


More recently Daniel has been working with some of Australia's finest up and coming talents such as ScabzRaised as Wolves and Vetty Vials. He has produced works for other Australian acts including NerdlingerGay Paris, The Decline, and Sound of Seasons. He's also worked with overseas acts along with Ate Bit (USA) and The Frankner (Japan). Daniel has also assisted Producer Dave Hammer with artists such as Lime Cordiale and Rackett.
Daniel's work has been played on almost every radio station in the country.

Daniel’s ideal is that no artist, big or small, should not be treated like they’re on a production line. He will sit down with an artist and discuss the best plan of attack to achieve their goals. "Sometimes tracking a full band live is the best plan of attack, other times we might track everything individually, and then sometimes we might do a combination of both."

In his spare time he also works as a Front of House Engineer for a whole host of Aussie bands such as PolarisThe Hard Aches, The Dead Love, Bugs, High Tension, The Nation Blue and Gooch Palms.

Daniel Antix

B.Mus (Music) The Australian Institute of Music

Mark Matula

Assoc. Audio Engineering

Engineer / Producer


Mark Matula is an Audio Engineer, Producer and Musician dedicated to facilitating and fully realising an individuals and or groups artistic expression.

Mark has been active within the industry a number of years, namely through his Metal-core band ‘Dystopic’. He participated in recording and composition from a young age, graduating with an associate’s degree in Audio engineering at JMC Academy NSW in 2013.

Through his home studio Mark has recorded a variety of genres, specialising in Metal, Core and Rock. His work, with Daniel Antix as a mentor, has seen him assist and record bands such as: Wildbloods, Red Gazelle, Rick Dangerous, The Underground Architect, Steel City All stars, Dividers and Omniscienta.

It is Marks goal to not only ensure the quality and success of all the artists he records, but also allow the process to be comfortable, professional and fun.

Tom Sigal

B.Mus (Music) The Australian Institute of Music

Engineer / Producer


Since 2013 Tom has been active as a freelance audio engineer, taking part in all things audio. Ranging from recording, editing, mixing & mastering to working with large name clients such as Studios 301, Resist Records, Sureshaker Records, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Zedd, Tove Lo plus many more.

Through experience, one thing can be made certain about the modern recording and music industries; to obtain quality and efficient recordings of your songs and ideas, you must spend big money to hire a recording studio and engineer to produce your project.

Time and time again Tom has seen artists walk away with either empty pockets after a long day in the studio or sub-par recordings. Tom offers the mid-ground between these two: High-quality recordings and efficient turn around times without breaking the bank! Tom's services are long-standing, and have the credentials (Bachelor's Degree) and experience to back him.

Now based out of Sydney's premier "Defwolf Studios", he is able to service both Sydney and Wollongong regions & offering mixing and mastering solutions worldwide.

James Seymour

Engineer / Producer


As a Producer and Engineer, James is dedicated to helping the artists he works with realise the full potential of their musical vision, while making recording a fun and creative process.

His background as Singer/Songwriter of the band Wasters has given him valuable insight into arrangement and production, as well as the priceless understanding of what it feels like to be an artist sharing ideas with a producer.


James has worked as a producer with artists such as Tilde, Jonno Read, Sarah Cherlin and Jim Lynch.


As an assistant engineer to Daniel Antix, he has worked on projects such as Nerdlinger, Whispering Jackie, Raised As Wolves, and many more


When he isn’t producing and writing music, James is a live sound engineer and supporter of the local music scene.