Our Rooms


Control Room:


A very comfortable Control Room with a lot of gear.

The 32 I/O Pro Tools HDX rig lives here along with 28 boutique pre amps and a whole swag of other toys.

Check the Gear Page for the full list of our toys.

Live Room:

The Live Room has a lot of natural ambiance to it. 40m2 with a ceiling height of 4.2m.

This is the room for everything from that big drum sound to a string quartet.

Acoustic Instruments really come to life here. We’ve invested a lot in gear over the years but this room would have to be the stand out feature of the new Def Wolf Studios.


It’s a vocal booth… what more can I say? Fits one person comfortably, could squeeze in 2.

ISO Cabs:

House those loud guitar cabs here!

Production Room:

Great for overdubbing, writing, editing, mixing.

The production room can also

be used as a control room to

the main tracking space.

It’s also tied into our ISO cab

(with more to be built).

Check the gear page for the full

list of equipment.

Dead Room:

A super tight room where our guitar amps live.

It’s also big enough to track drums if a super tight sound is what you're after.